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Sónia Soprano was always interested in the arts and started painting even before speaking and drawing in charcoal shortly after. She took the arts course in high school thinking to follow painting, but she discovered that her passion for singing – she use to hum what was passing on the radio in Arts Workshop classes – was well received by her classmates.

A few years later, she entered the National Conservatory to take the Singing course and took two acting courses, one at Chapitô and the other at In Impetus, because she realized that she loved being on stage and doing musical theater.

She combined daytime work with rehearsals and shows at night, whether of music (jazz, musicals, light music) or theater, alternating between both according to their schedules. Meanwhile, some friends invited her to help an association by participating in a Fado show. Although, until then, she had no inclination towards this musical genre, she felt some familiarity with it because she grew up listening fado. At home, his mother listened and sang fado every day with the voice and soul of a true professional fado singer.

Although reticent, since it was for a good cause, she decided to sing – she was very well received by the listeners and fado singers present. So they took her and showed her more about this new world.

The taste for Fado, the way of feeling while singin it, grew in herself, like a seed that waited for water to germinate, and in 2017 she finally begins to sing professionally in Alfama on an ongoing basis.

Since then, she has been encouraged to continue her journey within this genre, by all who knew her and she was invited to sing at various events at a national and international level, but also in several houses in Lisbon, predominantly in Bairro Alto and Alfama .



Photoshooting at Pensão do Amor, in Cais do Sodré, with the talented Charles Schrader and Carina Augusto. See their work on the links below: e

Photoshootings with the colleagues Tiago dos Santos (Portuguese guitar) and Fernando Heleno (Viola); and with colleague Helder Machado (Portuguese Guitar), both in Alfama.

Photos captured by the equally talented



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